All of us know how to use common Ski Face Mask during the winter. You do not have to be a man of science to read the name of the product, and take it on your next ski trip. Of course, it is not the only way on how to use the Ski Face Mask, but surely the most obvious one.

But sometimes, when you use the Ski Face Mask on a daily basis, especially during cold winter, you can adapt yourself well enough and consequently forget places where it is better to take it off completely.

Due to these cases, we decided to write this relaxed and funny article. After you read this, you can be sure and fully ready to wear Ski Face Mask and not get arrested or ridiculed.

So let’s go!


First and maybe the most important place is the bank. Okay, maybe your banker will be more open to helping you with everything when you wear your Ski Face Mask, but if he or she does not recognize you, then they could more probably call the cops.


Keep your Ski Face Mask on when you are on the way to the supermarket, it is okay, and it will keep your head and face nicely warm and protected. However, when you get there, it is better to take it off. It will not be a bigger drama than in the bank probably, but it’s better safe than sorry. You never know if the security slept well last night, or if the cashier did not break up with her boyfriend yesterday.

Swimming pool

If you want to get attention on yourself, keep the Ski Face Mask on, but it could be quite impractical, especially if you plan to go under the water. We try to do our best when we tested the product, but we never dived with it. Unfortunately….?

Romantic dinner

Imagine that you meet a woman (or man) and invite her on the first date to your favorite restaurant. She does not know you, but you probably seem to be sympathetic to her. Points for you! But things could change very fast if you bring your Ski Face Mask there. Because she does not know you, she could think that you are some rapist. And when she thinks this, it means a quick end of the dinner. Forever alone! :-(


If you are single, it should not be a big deal, but if you do not sleep in the open air, you could feel quite overheated. On the other side, if you are the one and only man from 100 000 individuals, who sleeps in the open air in winter voluntarily, then we recommend you to wear it all the time, because if you do not comply, you risk the worst disease you could imagine – sniffle.

The last option is if you have a partner. And there is a big chance that he or she will think that you are an idiot if you wear your Ski Face Mask to bed. So in this case, please let it be in the wardrobe.

Ok, this is it, we hope you had some fun reading this article, and you will not take it seriously. We think that it’s necessary to have some fun sometimes! :-)

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you would like to check our Ski Face Mask, you can do it here on our websites or here at

See you next time! :-)