You know how exciting it is when you see snow falling, and you can‘t wait to get on a ski slope? I know, I love it, too. The worst thing, though, is getting to the slopes and realizing I completely forgot something important at home. So, here are 3 things my friends and I often forget when we go on ski trips. Check your bag when you leave to make sure you don’t forget them, too!

  1. Travel Insurance

There is often a lot of chaos when packing all the things you need while trying to set up everyting for the time you will be on your trip. Don‘t forget to ensure travel insurance, too, though. There is nothing more important than your health, so keep it protected no matter what happens.

  1. Sunscreen

This is my weakness. When I pack for my trips, I always forget sunscreen to protect my face from the sun. You can think that it is not that important, but I really hate dry skin because of the sun. It is very annoying and uncomfortable in the wind and cold weather.

  1. Face mask

A good face mask will protect you very well, and you can wear it in multiple ways. My favorite style is under my nose or open face. You also save money because you don‘t have to buy a beanie or neck warmer; you simply use a face mask instead.