Our customers often ask if they can use their balaclava during the spring and summer months. We decided to write a post on sports and possibilities where you can use balaclava in the warmer months.

We all know how useful balaclava is during the winter time when it keeps your head and neck warm and protected from the wind. But what to do when the temperature goes up?

Our balaclava can also protect you from the sun and absorb any perspiration because of how it’s made from polyester and cotton. Here are some activities during which you may find our balaclava more than useful in the spring and summer.


If you are a passionate motorcyclist, we recommend you wear your balaclava under your helmet as a facemask to absorp perspiration and protect you from the wind.


You can also use your balaclava when you ride your bike for same reasons as above.

Morning running

When you run in the morning, it can still be pretty cold even in the spring and summer. Our balaclava keeps your face and neck warm, helps you keep optimal body heat for calorie burning, and absorbs perspiration.

Nordic walking and trekking

When you need to be protected from the sun, you can wear your balaclava as a facemask when you go trekking or nordic walking. A great tip is to put the face part of the balaclava on the top of your head and let the rest of it cover your neck from behind.

All other activities

If you need to be protected from the sun and wind or absorb perspiration during any of your favorite activities, wearing your balaclava will always be a good choice.

If you know any other summer activity where balaclavas could be helpful, please tell us about it! Maybe there is something we don‘t know about yet. You will help other people, and if you share with us, we have a special present for you!