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Ski Face Mask Balaclava and Free Fleece Neck Warmer

  • GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Balaclavas are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, motorcycling, mountain climbing, outdoor sports, and they are so practical as neck warmers to keep your neck protected and warm every day.
  • PROTECT YOUR HEAD, NECK AND WALLET: The Ninja Balaclava Ski Face Mask and Fleece Neck Warmer offer the ultimate protection at the best possible price. The high quality and friendly price allow you to save money and still receive a product you can trust. You are now able to purchase both products for an amazing price. It would be almost impossible to buy these items at the same high-quality standards anywhere else.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: You do not have to worry if our balaclava will fit on your head. With the universal size, it fits to all proportions and shapes. If for some reason it does not fit you (it can happen in rare cases), we are ready to refund you 100%! No more worries about size! (*Note: May not fit children)
  • UNIQUE MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Select the wearing style you want for your favorite outdoor activities. You can use just your ski face mask, just your neck warmer, or you can combine both of these great products!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL PRODUCT AVAILABLE: Our balaclava is made from cotton and polyester. It is very versatile, durable and breathable. The neck warmer is made from soft fleece and will keep your neck warm, protected and will not scratch. The balaclava and neck warmer are both washable, as well.

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Balaclava Ninja Face Mask & Great Bonus – Best Motorcycle, Running, Ski Mask

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